“ While other children grew up playing football, I used to play with goldsmith’s tools in my fa- ther’s show-room. Since my childhood, I’ve had a continuous desire to look for original shapes that highlight people’s identity and to create different forms that bring that essence to life.”


Established in 2019, Luvor Italia’s basic philosophy is to create jewellery for today’s cosmopolitan women, whose designs achieve a perfect balance between technique and creativity, bold shapes and practicality.

The Luvor range of haute joaillerie has been created in the artistic hub of Valenza in Italy, where art and aesthetics are an intrinsic part of life.
True to the Italian tradition, Luvor is known for crafting unique pieces which are synonymous with comfort, elegance, aesthetics and above all, technical prowess. According to Michelangelo, ‘The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection,’ and Luvor’s jewellery strives for a perfect balance between beauty and excellence craftsmanship

We observe women to get to know them better, and to be able to create jewellery as close as possible to their dreams.”
We believe that each piece of jewellery is a personalised accessory, which is an extension of a woman’s personality. It is usually chosen with much care and thought and involves an investment of time, energy, money and above all, emotion.

Our inhouse researchers procure precious stones from six different countries, spread over five continents, and four designers located all over the world are deployed under the aegis of Luvor. This ensures universally appealing designs, which reiterate the romance of classicism, in perfect synergy with modernism.
Made to flatter the most discerning clientele, our haute joaillerie is inspired by artistic, architectural and philosophical influences, besides drawing from elements of nature.

“I adore wearing gems, but not because they are mine. You can’t possess radiance; you can only admire it.”