“ I thought of wings made of feathers but at the same time able to support the weight in flight and so the Angelo collection was born.”

In the words of head designer Francesco Cosentino, “Research and innovation are words that are always common to creativity. But what drives the research of our creative team is a strong bond with tradition. The lines are bold but delicate, the colours are classic yet distinctive. This is our creative key.

The contrast of the creative elements to give rise to modern and innovative products, but that contains in itself elegance and femininity – the two fundamental elements to give life to a jewel.

Originality and style cannot be such without quality. Experienced master goldsmiths execute and develop the shapes with great attention to detail, expertly guided by our designers. Ours is a team determined to find without compromise the perfect balance between functionality and beauty.”


Francesco Cosentino

Francesco Cosentino head designer at Luvor was born in 1974 in Calabria in the south of Italy. As a student of art and aesthetics, design was always his passion and he would look for reasons early on in life to work with goldsmith’s tools in his father’s workshop.

Completing his graduation in 1991, he moved to Valenza and after then to Milan, where he discovered a propensity for fine design handcrafted jewellery. Furthermore, his love for luxury and fine arts honed his personality into a fine designer with a penchant for all things beautiful and classy.

He had the good fortune of working in companies surrounded by several talented people. In his own words, “They taught me how to transform inspirations, and allowed me to travel around the world, discovering new countries and  their cultures.”

In 2009, he started teaching at art school and being in close proximity to young people kept his ideas fresh and vibrant. Francesco initiated his own studio in 2010, and since then, the new chapter in his professional life continues to grow and prosper and keeps him inspired and motivated.

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Ginevra Pirotta

Head of Sales at Luvor, Ginevra Pirotta was born in Milan. Being an ardent lover of art, culture and designs, she was able to fulfill her passions of exploration and discovery, whilst living in Milan – the epicenter of fashion, design and luxury.

It was in the year 1995, when Ginevra started working with Buccellati, the world-renowned Italian watch and jewellery brand, and the experience redefined “luxury.” In her words, “Mr Buccellati was a visionary and unique craftsman, creating masterpieces from precious stones and pearls. Working with him was an experience of a lifetime.”

Finally, she believes that life came a full circle when he came to Luvor. As Ginevra elucidates, “My life journey, my experience, my values brought me to Luvor. Here, we aspire to create lost magic by fabricating emotions and dreams through our creations.”

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Chainich Srichan

Chainich Srichan aka Chain was born in 1973 in the Khon Kaen province of northeast Thailand. Nature kept him besotted in his growing up years and he graduated in jewelry designing and marketing. Commencing his career in a jewellery firm as an administrative secretary, he gave that up shortly thereafter and started designing for some famous international jewelry brands.

However, the love of nature in all its pristine glory kept on drawing him away from an urban lifestyle and Chain gave up everything to return to his picturesque province in Thailand, back in the lap of nature.

At this point, the Luvor team got in touch with Chain and pursued him to collaborate with them. His experience and dedication in both marketing and designing enabled the brand to not just create some legendary jewels but also showcase them.

According to Chain, “Luvor brought in me a distinctive style; the freedom to create and imagine. While I enjoy designing pieces, witnessing them being offered to the right clientele gives me immense joy.”

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Roberta Mazzochi

Luvor’s Head of sales and strategy, Roberta Mazzochi, was born in the outskirts of Milan in Italy. Spending her early years with her grandparents, She got a chance to observe nature and its mutations of colours and shapes in the Italian countryside.

Her grandfather was in the army during the Second World War and went to battle in Greece, France and Germany. Therefore, he was able to fluently speak many languages and she was fascinated listening to him talk about different cultures. As a result of that she became more and more curious and more interested in approaching “these different worlds”, as he puts it.

Roberta’s grandmother being a textile designer taught her the significance of proportions, the power of elegance and the vanity which moved her so much that it changed her perception of beauty and aesthetics.

During her college years, she studied many foreign languages and literature and discovered the power of jewellery as an avid expression of style, charm and grace. Thus began her collaboration with important jewellery brands in international markets.

Eventually, her passion guided her to Luvor. As Roberta opines, “Today people have become more expressive, yet have simple and unique tastes. Luvor is a brand that thinks like modern contemporary people. At Luvor, a jewel is not just a vehicle of beauty but also of culture – of the power of nature in articulating this beauty perfectly.”

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